We love and genuinely care for people and our community. We believe bringing together a broad range of people and organizations to meet needs and provide opportunities in our community, will make a lasting impact.


We want to be a rising tide. A bright light. To find the needs and meet them. We don’t want to be the do-good bully, but rather asking the question, ‘How can we help?’


SOAR (School of Artistic Refinement) is a place to empower people to reach their fullest potential in the creative arts. SOAR is a training ground to help people grow, discover, and fulfill their unique purpose-creatively.  Open to all kids, elementary through age 18.


Rooted is a ministry initiative of Emmanuel Christian Center. We are here to serve vulnerable children, families and orphans both locally and globally. Rooted exists to support foster and adoptive families and to encourage biblical hospitality throughout our communities.

Caring for the marginalized, oppressed and orphaned is not only one of the clearest expressions of the heart of God but also one of the most tangible demonstrations of the gospel this world will ever see.

If you have ever thought about, or want to know how you can be involved with changing the future of a foster child or vulnerable child in our community, then join us! You will feel empowered and encouraged as we learn how to engage in this vital ministry initiative.


It is our hope to be a solution center.  Our mission extends beyond coat drives and event-based need-meeting, however, if the community need coats, backpacks or help in any way, they know they can come to us.  We want to have resources put aside to meet the urgent and unexpected needs, as they come. 



What sets us apart is our vision to go beyond our own solutions and collaborate with and support nonprofits who have already created a pathway of solutions in the areas we value.



If you are interested in making a difference in our community, click the link below.


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