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We love and genuinely care for people and our community. We believe bringing together a broad range of people and organizations to meet needs and provide opportunities in our community, will make a lasting impact.


Our Story

For several years there has been an unofficial coalition of citizens and organizations with a common desire to make a positive investment in the Twin Cities. This couldn’t have become any clearer then it did in the Spring of 2020. As the local region navigated a pandemic and social unrest filled with racial tensions, there arose increasing opportunities to respond to practical needs in the community. Eventually, there was a demand for a communication channel that would make it easier for people to be aware of how, where and when they could help. 

In an effort to mobilize more effectively and more compassionately, Serve Twin Cities was born! With very little promotion, hundreds of people requested email notification of opportunities to serve. People from different backgrounds and organizations came together in rapid response to serve South Minneapolis in the wake of rioting and looting. The work is far from finished and we believe any challenge or tragedy can be overcome through loving others with dignity and honor. Serve Twin Cities is an initiative of Inspire Possible, a local non-profit organization, in partnership with individuals and organizations.

Serve Day

Serve Day is an incredible opportunity to be salt and light in our communities. We believe the church has the solution! Our cities should be better off because we have been planted here by the Lord. We are excited to work with our partners and help improve our cities! Isaiah 58:6-12

Projects include partnerships with our local cities, schools, and supporting local non-profits that are in the trenches every day in our communities. These projects may include weeding, raking, painting, cleaning up, removing trash, etc. Serving as a family or friend group can be a great and powerful moment. We can’t wait to serve with you!

Thanksgiving Boxes

We are in our third year of providing Thanksgiving Gift boxes to those in need in our surrounding communities.  The need this year is greater than ever and we are praying and hoping to give over 1,000 Gift boxes! Our local school districts and community organizations have already requested hundreds of Emmanuel Thanksgiving Gift Boxes for our children and families in need. Our community is excited about this and they are counting on us! We are pledging to our community in faith, based off what you have done last year as well as our belief in you, that we will provide a Thanksgiving Gift Box to every family in need! Thank you for serving, meeting real needs and showing the love of Jesus to our neighbors.

Our Leadership

The Pastoral Staff team is led by the Senior Pastor Nate Ruch. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. 

The Pastoral Staff team is led by the Senior Pastor Nate Ruch. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. 

Pastor Nathan Grams

Spring Lake Park

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