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Emmanuel’s Growth Track helps you to discover your God-given purpose and live the life God created for you. The Growth Track is made up of four steps that equip you to 1) be planted, 2) discover your design, 3) develop your leadership, and 4) make a difference in the lives of others.

Ruta de Crecimiento

Ruta de Crecimiento de Emmanuel te ayuda a descubrir el propósito que Dios te ha dado y a vivir la vida que Dios creo para ti. Ruta de Crecimiento esta compuesta de cuatro pasos que te brindaran herramientas para 1) estar plantado, 2) descubrir tu diseño, 3) desarrollar tu liderazgo, y 4) marcar la diferencia en las vidas de los demás.


Growth Track happens every month in four consecutive Sundays, starting with stepONE on the first Sunday of the month. English speaking Growth Track will be held at 9:00 am, and Spanish speaking growth track will be held at 11:00 am. We encourage you to start from the beginning with stepONE.

stepONE – Be Planted

Learn about the history of Emmanuel Christian Center and find out how we operate as a church.

stepTWO – Discover Your Design

Dive into the details of your personality, discover your gifts, and see how your design reveals your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry here at Emmanuel.

stepTHREE – Develop Your Leadership

Find out what it means to be a leader at Emmanuel and learn how you can strengthen your character and gifting to fulfill your leadership potential.

stepFOUR – Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

Connect to the opportunities available at Emmanuel to live.