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“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Matthew28:19 (NLT)

kingdom builders

Kingdom Builders is Emmanuel’s strategic approach to funding missions and outreach and equipping future leaders. Part of Emmanuel’s mission statement is to live with purpose. We believe living a life of purpose includes using our resources to fuel the mission of God through prayer, generous giving, and going.Together, we partner with over 100 missionaries, ministries, and organizations who are doing strategic work among those who need it most. These ministries, through your generous support, are reaching the lost, serving the poor, and changing the world! Kingdom Builders champions three areas: Global missions, Local church expansion and outreach, and future Christian leader initiatives!

serve your community

Jesus established his community and Kingdom in the middle of culture. We are called to be salt and light to the world. To meet the needs we see with care and and love for others-with no strings attached. We strive to partner and build positive community partnerships to meet real needs in real time. Join us and help bring the love of Jesus to our communities.

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Team Emmanuel is a group of volunteers who have discovered their gifts and passions and are actively serving in the church.  



At SOAR, our mission is to guide and develop the gifts of students through skilled training and one-to-one encouragement. We currently offer lessons in local school districts as well as in 3 of our locations for ages 6 and older! All of our instructors are highly trained with either a Bachelors Degree or years of experience in their field. 



An exciting aspect of Emmanuel’s community engagement strategy is the opportunity to team up with amazing organizations that are making a difference in our communities! Last December we hosted The Salvation Army’s “Toys for Tots” program at our Spring Lake Park location. Not only was it an amazing opportunity for our volunteers to jump into this excellent program, but it had an incredible impact on our surrounding community. Together we served 1,385 families by providing Christmas gifts to 4,005 kids! Joint efforts like this make the biggest impact in our cities!

Our Leadership

The Pastoral Staff team is led by the Senior Pastor Nate Ruch. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. 

The Pastoral Staff team is led by the Senior Pastor Nate Ruch. This team oversees the day-to-day ministry and operations of the church. 

Pastor Nathan Grams

Spring Lake Park

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